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Wendy's x Morty's


Wendy’s has an outstanding record of showing up where its consumers are and doing integrations that make their experience better, whether in sports, gaming or music. Since Wendy’s fans are also fans of the Emmy award-winning Adult Swim show, “Rick and Morty,” Wendy’s stepped up to lead the celebration of a new season. 

In partnership with Adult Swim, Wendy’s renamed its Panorama City (Los Angeles) restaurant Morty’s and treated the die-hard “Rick and Morty” fan base to an out of this world drive thru experience that dove into the show’s universe…and for three days the fans ate it up — literally. 

The journey began through an inflatable Rick head, where cars entered into a psychedelic tunnel of LED screens and fans became “inter-dimensional travelers.” Fans feasted on a dedicated “Rick and Morty” radio station, limited-edition Pickle Rick Pickle Frosty’s, and custom drink flavors––which became better sellers than longstanding powerhouses like Diet Coke.

The activation quickly drove buzz for fans eagerly braving an eight-hour wait time as the car line grew to over two miles long, as well as digitally blowing up across social feeds. Despite this being a drive thru experience, fans were dressing up and wearing their own “Rick and Morty”-themed costumes to show their love and excitement for the experience. The show’s creator was so excited about the program he came twice and brought his entire family the second time around.

The experience generated massive earned media, and AdAge named Morty’s one of the 30 Best Ads of the year.
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