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State Farm Jazz Bath hero image

State Farm Jazz Bath

Who’s ready for their jazz bath?

State Farm and TMA created a humorous campaign in which people mistakenly think they need to reveal embarrassing “personal” information about themselves to get the State Farm Personal Price Plan. One TV spot revealed that NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes routinely takes a “jazz bath” after workouts, complete with bath bombs and Jeff the Equipment Manager on saxophone. Almost immediately, the phrase “jazz bath” caught fire on Twitter, which presented an opportunity: a chance not only to connect with a notoriously hard-to-reach Millennial audience, but also give consumers a long, luxurious Jazz Bath.

With this in mind, we commissioned “Jazz Bath: The Bath Bomb Sessions,” an album featuring a group of top-notch jazz players who laid down some of the smoothest, silkiest jazz tracks around. Then we shot a Nineties-style infomercial starring the mullet-haired equipment manager. Consumers could visit a custom website to order the CD or call a 1-800 hotline to keep the retro vibes going.

Within a week of release, all 11,000 copies of Jazz Bath were snapped up, making the world a smoother, soapier place. The campaign was met with glowing consumer feedback, garnering over 125 million impressions and more than 13 million video views. Now that’s music to our ears.