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Doritos Disruptor Series - hero image

Doritos Disruptor Series


Gaming has evolved into a massive sporting ecosystem with millions of fans watching billions of hours worth of gameplay. As a brand targeting Gen Z and rooted in disruption, Doritos was well-positioned to deliver a unique gaming experience and help take gaming to a whole other level of spectator entertainment. 

Doritos understood that the power of Twitch lies with streamers and the communities they built. What better way to engage those communities than by bringing them together into a disruptive tournament series? 

The Doritos Disruptor Series was a first-of-its-kind series that put the power back in the hands of influencers. Doritos worked with four top streamers known for disruption to build their own tournaments on their own terms. Each streamer created and led two separate tournaments, selecting a different game and inviting members of their communities to participate. Swagg hosted Call of Duty: Warzone, Tyler1 hosted League of Legends, iiTzTimmy hosted Golf With Your Friends, and itsHafu hosted Hearthstone. Over 12 weeks, fans tuned in to watch their favorite creators and see who might get the chance to play alongside them in the ultimate culminating event—Doritos Bowl. 

The epic final event brought together all four streamers and their squads to play all four games (with a fifth-game surprise) to see who would come out on top. One team walked away with the coveted trophy, their share of $175K, and Doritos for a year.

Doritos Disruptor Series - main image