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Bon Appé-Cheetos - hero image

Bon Appé-Cheetos

Holidays get extra cheesy with bon appé-cheetos

Cheetos wanted to earn a seat at America’s socially distanced holiday table while helping people impacted by COVID-19. They accomplished both with the brand’s first-ever holiday cookbook, Bon Appé-Cheetos. This tasty, limited-edition hardbound featured 22 food and drink recipes with Cheetos as an ingredient. Fans could take it home with a $35 donation to World Central Kitchen, a nonprofit committed to helping vulnerable communities and medical professionals. Did it work? The cookbook sold out in 12 hours and raised almost $100K for those in need. SPOILER: It worked.
Cheetos and TMA created the brand’s first-ever holiday cookbook, helping those impacted by the pandemic and delivering deliciously cheesy recipes.