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We Are TMA - About page hero

Our values


We care about our people and are committed to making our shared world a better place.

One Team

When we win, we all win.

Courage & Curiosity

We ask tough questions, and take bold actions to improve the agency and the work.

Tenacity & Determination

The best things in life are worth fighting for.

Original Ideas & Opinions

Originality moves the work forward.

Trust, Respect & Friendship

Great work will open the door, but a great relationship will keep the door open.

Our Mission

tma is committed to building an evermore diverse and inclusive workplace, guided by equity.

Our Commitments

We encourage our people to

Enable acceptance of voices, cultures, perspectives, and differences.

Place justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) first in all agency decisions.

Establish deep expertise in cultural intelligence.

Blend organizational values and creative curiosity into our work.

Our Strategy

TMA’s agency culture is rooted in driving purpose and impact.

To bring ideas from the page to the world, we must be a united force, reflective of the diversity in our society. We are building an agency for the future with these four pillars.


Foster trust across all teams by encouraging acceptance, input of voices, psychological safety, and deep expertise in belonging.


Position TMA as a culturally intelligent agency, with priority in the investment of supplier diversity and creative innovation.


Establish TMA as a destination employer for all BIPOC and women professionals in hub cities domestically and internationally.


Champion professional development for all employees with dedicated curriculum for our entry-level and mid-level talent.

Our partners

Business partners

Collectively, we value relationships that make a positive contribution to society through creative innovation. TMA’s business is our priority and below is how we invest in two core areas:


Contracting with diverse suppliers and vendors, including BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, veteran, woman-owned businesses, and people with disabilities.


Engaging diverse talent and third‑party vendors for the production of both content and experiences.

DEI Partners

TMA partners with and supports many community-based and national organizations that focus on creating opportunities for diverse talent. These include: